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Veterans of the

2nd Battalion (Mechanized), 22nd Infantry Regiment

Thanks for Being There and Welcome Home!

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Charlie Company, The Original Boat People, Now posted Here!

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2024 Reunion Information!

New album Lynn Dalpez, C Company 1965-67 Posted June 2024
New album (Johnny Brown, 12/69-10/70 B Co.), January 2024
The Charlie Company, Boat Original's Website has repaired and is now available , December 2023
The Guest Book has been sunset. All 20 years of entries are available here, March 2023
Found this 2nd 22nd Tribute, its good, January 2023
Help me locate a former wounded brother in arms, January 2023
Hundreds of Map locations for firebases, December, 2020
Daily Location for each unit, 1967-1968 December, 2020
Harless Belcher Has Translated C Company, April 1969 Official Roster August, 2020
Bill Noyes Op Reports, with Pictures May 2020,
Veterans Tribute, featuring Triple Deuce Vets April, 2020
Operational Reports, Small Unit Actions April, 2020
Read the special edition Newsletter on the D Day 75th Anniversary
Get your 22nd Infantry Monument "Brick"
Topo Map of our 1968-69 AO, Created by Captain Crocker
Atlanta Reunion Pictures Posted

Mission Statement
To assist its members and their families in times of distress and to provide them mutual understanding and support; and to participate in and support veteran's functions and programs.
Armored Personnel Carrier
M113 APC the vehicle of a mechanized outfit.
UNIT AWARDS 1966 - 70
Presidential Unit Citation
Presidential Unit Citation
Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry
Vietnam Cross of Gallantry
22nd Infantry Logo
Deeds Not Words
Order of the Red Ant
Order of the Red Ant
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Combat Infantryman Badge
Combat Infantryman Badge
Combat Medical Badge
Combat Medical Badge
22nd Infantry Crest
Fourth Infantry Patch
Fourth Infantry Patch
25th Division Patch
25th Division Patch

Medal of Honor
DSC Silver Star Bronze Star Purple Heart  
Army Commendation Medal National Defense Medal Vietnam Service Medal Vietnamese Campaign Medal  
Distinguished Service Cross
Vietnam Campaign Medal
Vietnam Service Medal
National Defense Medal
Army Commendation Medal
Purple Heart
Bronze Star
Silver Star
Medal of Honor
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