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Vietnam Triple Deuce Directors

(Elected every 18 months at our Reunions)

Dick Nash Director
Chuck Weidner Director
Jim May Director
Dave Allin Director
Jim Nelson Director

Vietnam Triple Deuce Officers and Staff

(Appointed by the Directors)

DIck Nash President
James Nelson Vice President
Jim May Treasurer & Quarter Master
Dan Streit Newsletter Publisher
David Allin Newsletter Editor
Empty Position Secretary TBD
Steve Irvine Webmaster
George Dahl Group eMail
Cartographer Ben Anderson

Vietnam Triple Deuce Chief Locator and Points of Contact (POC's)

Appointed by the Directors

Chief Locator Open
HHQ POC Open    
Recon POC Erik Opsahl Years 67-68
Alpha Co POC Bruce Blakeslee Years 66-67
  Ben Anderson Years 68-69
  Butch Jones Years 68-69
  Larry Gallagher Years 69-70
  Chuck Weidner Year 70
Bravo Co POC Dean Springer Years 67-68
  Steve Irvine Years 68-69
Charlie Co POC Empty Position Years 65-67 Empty
  Jerry Rudisill Years 67-68
  Harless Belcher Years 68-69
Delta Co POC Dan Streit Year 69

The photos and descriptions below include people that have served on the Vietnam Triple Deuce Board, not just the current officers

Mike Groves



Mike Groves joined Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. after completing High School in 1966.  In 1967 he volunteered for the draft, figuring if he finished his two year obligation, came home, and still felt the same way about his fiancé, Cathy,  they would get married.

He completed his basic training at Ft. Leonard  Wood, Missouri.  AIT at Ft. Polk, Louisiana and APC Driver training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

He served with Alpha Company, 3rd squad, as a .50 gunner and driver of "33" track from April 1968 until January 1969.  After being wounded he finished up his tour in Dau Tieng Base camp during the months of February and March 1969.  Upon returning home in April 1969, he married his fiancé and finished the remaining 6 months of his obligation with the 3rd Armored Regimental Cavalry at Ft. Lewis, Washington.

Member - 22nd Infantry Regiment Society
Member/President Vietnam Triple Deuce, Inc.
Life Member - 25th Infantry Division Association
Member - Vietnam Veterans of America
Life Member - VFW Post 2593
Life Member - NRA

Norman T. Nishikubo

AKA “Magnet”



Born on August 4, 1942 at the Santa Anita California Relocation Center.

Grew up and attended Grade School, High School and Community College in the Los Angeles California Area.

Graduated from Los Angeles Trade Technical J.C. in 1964 with an Associates in Science Degree in Automotive Technology.

Upon graduation from L.A.T.T.C. joined the then Chrysler Corporation's Engineering Staff and worked in the area of Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Control Development & Testing. During the time frame encompassed by February 1964 to January 1967 his Selective Service Classification was: Exempt because of Critical Occupation.

Inducted into the U.S. Army in February 1967. Basic Training was taken at Ft. Ord and AIT was taken at Ft. Polk. After completion of AIT was assigned to his Training Company as Cadre for a little over 3 months.

Arrived in RVN in September 1967 then was assigned to C/2-22. While with C/2-22 was awarded the CIB, Purple Heart w/3 Clusters, Bronze Star w/V and attained the rank of Sgt. The reason he became known as Magnet is: The first 3 Purple Hearts he was awarded came in 7 weeks and were all from shrapnel.

E. Q. “Skip” Fahel

Fahel Now
Fahel Then


Elpidio “Skip” Fahel was drafted in October 1965 from Los Angeles, CA.  Basic training was taken at Ft Polk, LA and AIT training at Ft. Jackson, S.C.   Attended Infantry O.C.S. at Ft. Benning, GA and received commission in Sep 1966.  Stationed at Ft. Rucker, Al and Ft. Benning before leaving for Vietnam in April 1967.

Served with Company B, 2/22 as a platoon leader of the 3rd platoon from April to December 67, and then back in the rear as the Company XO, and took over the command of the company with CPT Mitchell was wounded.

Spent 16 months in Omaha NB as the Senior Army Advisor to the Army Reserve in Nebraska and South Dakota.

Returned to Vietnam in Sept 1969 and served with the 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry, 11th Brigade, Americal Division.   I had command of B Company for 6 months, and then returned to the battalion rear and served as the battalion S4 and Headquarters Company Commander.

Returned to the states and attended the Infantry Officers Advance Course at Ft Benning, and then two years at Park College in Kansas City Mo. to complete my BA in History, Economics and Business Administration at the Army’s expense.

After that, was assigned to Germany, where I spent 39 months with V Corps Artillery as the Comptroller and Financial Management Officer of the Military Community of Darmstadt.  Was passed over for Major (no time with an infantry unit for over 5 years).  Got out of the Army in 1977 at Ft Riley, KS.

Settled in Kansas City, MO and started my career in Health Care Administration working with Nursing homes, and then into management consulting of medical practices.  In 1978, became an administrator of an ophthalmology practice in Kansas City, and have been an administrator for practices in Kansas City, Houston, Baltimore, San Antonio, Austin, Sarasota, and Port Charlotte, FL.

I am a founding member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators, Past President (First President), and on the Board of Directors.  A member of the National Committee for the Certification of Ophthalmic Executives, which developed the certification, programs for Ophthalmic administrators, and on the National Board for the Certification of Ophthalmic Executives which now oversees the certification program.

In 2007, Karen, my wife of over 35 years relocated back to Humble, TX.  I have one daughter Candy (who was born while I was serving with the 2/22.  I was on an ambush patrol south of Soui Da when I was notified at 0215hrs.  Candy was 7 months old when I first saw her), Candy passed away in July 2004 after a yearlong battle with cancer.  She had one son, Derek.  I have two stepdaughters, Missy, who graduated from Kansas University, and lives in Lenexa, and Heather, who graduated from the University of North Texas and lives in Kingwood, TX.

In 2009, I retired and now spend most of my time playing with the grandkids.

David Edward Milewski



David was born September 26, 1946 in Long Beach, California.  He lived with his Grandparents in a small home in Westminster, California until his mother remarried when he was five years old.  He graduated from High School at age seventeen and went to work for McDonald Douglas a year later as a Reprographic Technician.  He married his high school sweetheart, Judy, when he was nineteen and they are still married to this day.  And “they” said it would never last!  Judy is the power behind the throne and actively participates with him in all endeavors except one, fishing. She gets seasick!

Six months after his marriage he was drafted into the Army on April 3, 1967.  He attended Basic Training at Fort Ord, California.  He had a four-hour leave and was placed on a jet en route to Fort Polk, Louisiana for Advanced Infantry Training.  He became an Expert in 81mm mortar.  The cadre in Basic and Advanced training continually attempted to get David to attend OCS but David was interested in getting out of the Army as quickly as possible.  Attending OCS would have caused him to spend thirty-four months in the service.  Being newly married, the simple two-year program had more appeal.

After graduating from Tiger Land in Fort Polk, David had a three-week leave and then reported for a tour of duty in Vietnam arriving the first week in September 1967.  David was assigned to C company, 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division.  He spent one year assigned to both the third and fourth platoons.  Managing to stay alive, he arose to the rank of Sergeant E5 and performed the duties of a squad leader.  David left Vietnam in September 1968, returned home for a leave then reported to an armor unit in Fort Knox, Kentucky.  On January 3, 1969, David received an early out from the military to attend college.  His military service time was a total of twenty-one months.  His goal to get out of the service in the least amount of time possible had been achieved.

David joined the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in 1969 where he remained for thirty-two years.  He retired in 2001 at the rank of Captain having the responsibility of over five hundred employees and an annual $45,000,000 budget.   His assignments included Jail, Patrol, Investigation, Personnel, Harbor (boats), Training, and Academy Commander.

He attended College while working full time attaining an A.A. degree in Administration of Justice, B.A. degree in Management, and a M.A. degree in Behavioral Science, Negotiation and Conflict Management.

David has two adult daughters, Kim and Deni who both enjoy Mexico deep sea fishing with their father as well as volunteering to drive Dad’s antique cars, a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air and a 1953 Chevrolet 3100 pick up truck.

David is presently a Life Member of the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society and he is the Secretary for the Vietnam Triple Deuce, Incorporated.

Jim May



I was born and raised in Providence, RI.  I attended Parochial Grade School and Christian Brother’s High School. I was drafted in February 1966 from Providence, RI.  Basic Training was taken at Ft. Dix, NJ.  My Advanced Individual Training was taken at Ft. Knox, KY.  My MOS is 11 D, Reconnaissance Scout.   In August of 1966 I entered OCS at Ft. Eustis, VA.  I received my Commission on February 9, 1967.  I was 20 years old.  

My first duty assignment was with the 197 Inf Bde, (The School Brigade) at Ft. Benning, GA.  I was assigned to the 2nd BN, 10th Arty (Comp) as the Bn Motor Officer.  I later served as CO, HQ&HQB and then as Brigade Assistant S-4.

I arrived in Cu Chi in late February 1968. After my in country training had been completed I was sent to Dau Tieng to be the DTO FWD and the Platoon Leader of the Provisional Co. Motor Platoon.  I spent the next six months running convoys through the Ben Cui Rubber with the Recon Platoon, 2/22.  In September I was ordered to Cu Chi where I served as the Division Convoy Control Officer.  I returned to the States in late January 1969.

I entered Bryant College in Providence, RI in September of 1969 and graduated with honors in 1972.   I hold a BS Degree with two major areas of concentration, Economics and Business Management.

I worked in the wholesale lumber industry after graduation and during that time I first moved to Maine.  I relocated in Las Vegas, Nevada and worked as the comptroller for a group of transportation related businesses.  I missed New England and returned to Rhode Island where I began my career in the Financial Services Industry.

My work activity was divided between Maine and Rhode Island.  In 1990 I took time away from work and built the home I now live in.

In 1992 I joined Dworkin Associates Inc. as the Marketing Director for the State of Maine.  Dworkin Associates Inc. is a Brokerage General Agency and represents twenty of the largest Financial Service Companies in the country.  I completed the CFP Professional Education Program in February of 1996.  I am a Member and an Officer of the local chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.  I am also a Registered Representative of LifeMark Securities Corp., a National Association of Securities Dealers Member Firm. I am a past member of The Million-Dollar Round Table.

Gail and I were married on October 3, 1986.  We live in Norridgewock, Maine, a small town on the Kennebec River about 60 miles from the Quebec border.  My mother, Rita, lives with us.  Gail and I have no children.

I am an avid outdoorsman.  My interests are fishing, hunting, boating, snowmobiling and motorcycling.  I am a Life Member of the North American Fishing & Hunting Clubs and The American Rifle Association.  I am a member of the American Motorcyclist Association and the International Norton Owners Association.

Lynn Dalpez



Lynn William Dalpez was born in Portland Oregon on Nov. 15, 1946.  He was raised in the rural towns of Dallas and Roseburg Oregon.   In 1965 after his family returned to Portland he received the famous “Greetings” letter from his draft board ordering him to report for active duty in the US Army, Dec. 10, 1965.  After processing in at Fort Ord, CA. he was assigned to 1st Squad, 3rd Platoon, Charlie Co. of the Triple Deuce, where he spent his entire Triple Deuce service.  He is a veteran of the: Walker Boat Ride, operations; Attleboro, Cedar Falls, Junction City, and The Battle of Soui Tre.  He rotated home in Sept. 1967. He is proud to be a Charlie Boat Original.

Lynn married Linda Ann, Feb. 1972, and they have a son, Justin.  They agreed that they would try Army life together.  So Lynn enlisted in the US Army for a 2nd tour, but this time as a Security Sergeant at a missile site in Germany where they had some Fun, Travel, and Adventure.  Lynn’s civilian career was spent in sales organizations, with the last 19 years as a Customer Service Manager for Graphic Products, Inc.  Lynn and Linda reside in Beaverton, Ore., near Portland.  Lynn retired in 2013.

Military Career & Awards

Veteran Career & Awards

Doc Matz



Bill was always ready to help you along with a well placed injection, and just in case, his jeep was always nearby.

Bill's current photo shows the effect of extensive plastic surgery.

I trained with the 2/22nd, at Ft. Lewis, starting in December, 1965.  I took my 91A10 training at Ft. Sam Houston, Tx.  I had OJT at Ft. Irwin, Ca.  During this whole time, I was officially assigned to 2/22.  I “crossed the pond,” on the “Nelson M. Walker,” and served as a combat medic until May, 1967.  I was then transferred to the 9th Med. Bn. A “cushy” REMF job.

I worked for Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad for thirty years.  I am currently retired.  (Plastic surgery hell! - I live well.)

William A. Matz

5242 Edmondson Pike, Apt. 1020

Nashville, Tn. 37211-5834

(615) 837-9854

Dan Streit



Born and raised in Tipton, Kansas a small (population app. 400) German Catholic farming community in North Central Kansas.  I enjoyed the benefits of rural living: hard work, close family ties, hunting and fishing.  My dad was a World War II fighter pilot.  We had a small two seater private plane that we used for spotting coyotes and other pleasurable activities.

In 1966 I graduated from high school and studied welding at the area vocational technical school.  On December 6, 1966, I joined the National Guard.  After school I went to work for a local farm machinery manufacturer as a welder.  My high school sweetheart and I were married.   Basic training was in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina and AIT with an MOS of 6320 in Aberdeen, Maryland.  I came home on leave for the birth of our first child in August of 1967.   In a return to civilian life, I worked for the same manufacturer.  Sometime in April 1968 .while welding with the radio going in the background, I heard a news flash regarding outfits being called up for active duty. Surprise. Surprise.  Our unit was activated on May 13, 1968.  We went to Ft. Hood, Texas.  Shortly after, individuals were selected to be sent to Vietnam.

February of 1969 I went to Vietnam and settled into Company D 2/22 at Dau Tieng.  We did maintenance on the APCs.  During the first hour being there, I saw they had a portable welder and asked if they needed a welder.  They said yes so that is what I did while in country.  March 1969 our second child was born.  Later on I was on the advance party to move to Tay Ninh to set up the base camp.  I returned to the US in August of 1969.

We had two more children and later the marriage ended.   In January of 1973, I took a job with Mitchell County as the County Weed Director.  After 34 years I am still there.  Around 17 years ago I moved to Beloit, which is the county seat. Vera and I were married in 1991. Between us we have 5 kids and 7 grandkids.  I have enjoyed being a pilot, scuba diving, flying radio controlled airplanes and ham radios.  Recently I have begun machine quilting commercially.

In addition to being on the 2/22 Board and editing the newsletter, I am quartermaster of the local VFW post.  It is a small but active post.

Jim Nelson



Dean Springer



Dick Nash

Dick Then


Born & raised in the Quad Cities area bordering northwest Illinois & eastern Iowa.  Moved from Suburbia to the farm just starting High School, and been there since, except for 37 months of you know what from late 66 to New Years day 1970.  Married Judy in Nov 66 and left 9 days later for Ft. Campbell for basic. Our farm family has grown to three grown adults, four grown and one teen grandkids, and two dynamos called great grandkids.

   My Triple Deuce time was all of 1969, literally. I got there the first week of the new year and got home on New Years Eve of that memorable year. I was the platoon leader of 3rd herd, Alpha company from January thru May, and 4.2 mortar platoon leader the rest of my tour in Headquarters Company. Locators found me in 98 and I have proudly served Vietnam Triple Deuce and 22nd Infantry Society in several positions. You guys and gals are my “other family” and will be forever. I’m especially proud of the Eliza farm community where we live. There are only 22 people in the town, but 52 members in it’s American Legion post. Patriotism and American values are a high priority around here.

    Being president of Vietnam Triple Deuce has been a blast so far, just to see what these guys will come up with next. Our time is becoming limited by the calendar, but we have many reasons to be proud of what VN222 is and what it has done…

Paul A. Birshbach

Paul Now
Paul Then


I was with Company C
1st Platoon 1-1 Track
Jan 4, 1968 to May 27, 1968
We are currently working on a video with photos of reunion and other photos from Vietnam. It should be done by the (Atlanta) reunion.

Chuck E. Weidner

Chuck Now
Chuck Then


I was with Company A
January to October 1970
I am also on of the Points of Contact for all Alpha Company Vets in the 1970 time frame.

Lon Oakley, Jr.








Harless “Bird” Belcher



I was born in Patrick County VA in July of 1948.  I attended a 2-room school until the 4th grade, then the high school, where at the age of 15, I quit school and went to work at a sawmill.  I worked at that job until I drafted in April of 1968.  I did my basic training at FT. Bragg, NC and my AIT at Ft. Polk, LA.  I arrived in Vietnam 3 SEP 68.  I was assigned C Co. 2nd PLT as a rifleman.  I volunteered to hump the M-60 for a while then moved to the 50 gunner until taking over driving duties until I was wounded in June of 69 and sent Stateside.  I am married to my beautiful wife Jackie Belcher, we have a wonderful son, Wesley, who is still at home with us looking after us.  Wesley and my niece Miranda have been instrumental in helping me locate other Charlie Company Vets.  I enjoy deer hunting, car races, camping, blue-grass music, and especially meeting and talking to my ‘Brothers’ from the Triple Deuce that I haven't seen in 44 yrs!  What a thrill!

Dave Allin


David Allin Autobiography

I started out as a child. Born in Wichita, KS, I grew up in various towns in Oklahoma. IN 1964 I graduated from Norman High School, and four years later I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA degree in Psychology. Upon graduation I was drafted into the Army and sent to Ft. Dix for Basic, and Ft. Polk for AIT. Due to a screw-up in my orders, I next went to a holding company at Ft. Campbell, KY before finally being shipped out to Viet Nam in April, 1969. Initially assigned to A Company, 2/22 Ing (Mech), I was the FNG in 3rd Platoon, Fourth Squad, under Lt. Dick Nash and SGT Lon Oakley. In May I was wounded in the Battle of the Crescent and spent a month in Dau Tieng recovering. Back in the field I volunteered to be the platoon RTO. Halfway through my tour I was selected to become the battalion’s S-2 intelligence liaison to the local South Vietnamese military, which required me to live with the MACV advisors in the RVN compound near FSB Wood III.

After Nam I became a civilian again, and quickly got married, moved to Denver, worked for 7-Eleven, and had a daughter. After three years of wearing a uniform and getting shot at without a medical plan or retirement plan, I quit and rejoined the Army. This time they sent me to Monterey, CA, to learn Russian so I could eavesdrop on the Red Army. I did a tour in West Berlin, and then a tour at the National Security Agency, where I was presented with a Defense Meritorious Service Medal by the Director of the NSA, Admiral Bobby Inman. I can’t tell you why. Seriously. Next I did a tactical tour in Wurzburg, Germany, then back to Monterey for Advanced Russian. Upon graduation from the language school, I was made the First Sergeant of one of the student companies. While I was there, I was asked to become a part-time arms control inspector, traveling to the Soviet Union to inspect missile bases and the factory where the missiles were built. My next tour was back in Germany, at Wildflecken, where my first wife left me and I decided to retire.

Back in Norman, I went to work for the State Health Department, and started writing books. I met my current wife, and we married soon after. When I got a job offer from a major health insurance company, we moved to San Diego in 2000. In 2010 I transferred to Albuquerque, and I retired from that job in 2013. Now able to write full time, I began publishing my books on Amazon, where they were well received and earned me enough money to buy my 1969 Corvair. In 2020 we moved back to Oklahoma, to be near family. I continue to write novels, I edit the VN222 newsletter, and I am active in the local Corvair club.