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*​ Our name is derived from this original group of solders, the 2nd Bn, 22nd Infantry at Ft Lewis, Washington. We trained together, then were sent to Vietnam by ships as a group. This is our new home. Bill Nealy, our original webmaster passed away some years ago. But his legacy survives here under the care of Vietnam Triple Deuce Inc.(The parent battalion of Charlie Company). If you see issues, please report them to the Webmaster at ( we are open for business again, so if you have pictures you wanted posted, letters you want posted let the webmaster know!

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"C" CO, 2/22 25TH INFANTRY DIVISION IN CAMBODIAby National Archives and Records Administration

Soui Tre

Page Letter


Message for this Memorial Day

To "the originals", Brothers and Sisters,

As we face another Memorial Day, we see that our own ranks have shortened with
the loss of our brothers and wives and loved ones who helped us carry our burdens after
war. Their loss to us does not diminish the bonds of strength, comradeship, courage
and love that we were privileged to share. Those bonds remain now and will always be
with us in our hearts and memories.

It is in honor of all, our brothers and those before and since who have given the
ultimate sacrifice whether in battle or, from the immediate or, from the embedded
wounds of war, that we remember them especially today and hold them in memory and
heart daily hereafter.

My brothers, be well, be loved, be happy.

(Lt. Fry)

The French 22nd Infantry site is dedicated to men of the "4th Infantry Division"
of the United States of America, more specifically to the "22nd Infantry".
First of all we aim to recreate, thanks to our passion, a “squad” of D Company.
In addition it will be organized and structured as in 1944.
All that you will meet on our pages, are carried out by us on different
historical places and others are partners
is representative of 22 society in France but also in friendly
relationship with the originalboatpeople concerning the Vietnam
War period.

Loic Parent

Interesting Site:

You never know when the news or someone wants to tell you something that just doesn't compute.
This site one that is the closest to the truth that I could find about our country.
Truth is power and a light that others hold for themselves if you let them.

Nathan Henwood