Challenge Coin
Challenge Coin
New Then and Now

This is work in Progress, the initial pictures are now posted, along with the known list of our brothers who served, with the exception of the KIA's. The KIA's have a special tribute, just press the KIA button above to see that page.

If you want your Vietnam Tour picture displayed with the roster, then send an electronic .jpg format picture to
Include one picture of yourself during your tour and one picture of yourself currently (include your wife if you wish).
Name the Pictures:
     Firstname Lastname Then.jpg
     Firstname Lastname Now.jpg
Also include the following text:
     The company you identify with
     Platoon and Squad (if known)
     Your dates of service with 2nd/22nd
     Your full name (and nickname if you had one)
     Your spouse's name if she is included in the "now" picture
If you are sending pictures of others, complete as much as you can, your name will be published also as "Pictures courtesy of your name"

Note: if you just can't hold back and want more pictures published and want to add a lot of text, You can have us publish it in our online album section.
Visit the Albums page for more information.

For the shy, we will publish just one picture (then or now) if that is your desire.
If you do NOT want to be listed, send us a note and your name will be removed.

Old Then and Now The original Then and Now has not been removed and can be viewed by clicking the link