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Then and Now (Originally posted in 2003 or so)


Dennis CoffeyDennis
John and Dennis NowSpanglerCoffey
SpanglerJohn Spangler
LyynThenLynn in Nam in 67 is holding a small very slow creature.


LynnNowLinda and Lynn Dalpez in 2002.  I hear they are one of the couples in this page that have been married over 31 years.
FahelThenLt. Fahel in Nam.  He was a platoon leader in Company B. FahelNowSkip and Karen now.
Frost ThenJim Frost Then Frost Now

Jim Frost Now

I was born in raised in Saginaw, MI and after school was hired into GM for 32 years. Was drafted in 1966 to 1968 served with Charlie company 2nd 22 infantry all of 67. Hobbies include Golf, Kayaking, Ping Pong, Bowling, and ballroom dancing with my girl friend Isabel, staying in shape is very important in my life. I truly have a calling in Volunteering at my church and local groups such as Habitat for Humanity since 1997. Serving with so many talented guys in my Unit in Vietnam was a blessing.


MikeThenMike Groves was a handsome young man and.... MikeNowHe turned into an elegant middle age gentleman.
LeeCoupleRaymond Lee and Tom Izbicky in Vietnam (1967) and now.
ClarkThenClark Lohman sure looks like lean, mean fighting machine in Nam.  He sure had his share of action and he is one of those guys that the rest of us, especially those that didn't serve, should be thankful to. ClarkNowThis citizen warrior sure looks happy with his wife of 38 years Barbara and his granddaughter Katie.  Clark, hope to have a few cold ones with you in Kansas City.
Dennis Luiz iDennisThenn Nam, he was 20 years old in this photo.  Dennis served in Nam from September 68 to September 69.  He was with A company and he saved his platoon leader, Lt. Nash, and his RTO "Lumpy" lives during a fire fight.  Dennis stayed in the military and served Ft. Ord, CA, Germany, Hawaii, Ft. Stewart, GA and Ft. Lewis, WA.  He has three daughters, two of them born in Germany and one in Georgia.  In 1970 Dennis broke his wrist and couldn't be in the Infantry any longer, so he became a mechanic.  Dennis is now retired, prematurely, due to a heart condition.  He says he is taking care of himself.

Dennis met his wife Pennie in High School and married her after basic and AIT in 1968.  They live in Lakewood, WA.


DennisNowPennie and Dennis Luiz enjoying 37 years of marriage.
JimThenJim May in Nam. JimNowJim May now, he is the dry one.
MikeMThenDavid Milewski in Nam, 1967 DaveNowToday, happy...
MagnetThenNorm had a special knack to attract shrapnel and earned the nick-name magnet.  He earned 4 Purple Hearts in Nam. MagnetNowMagnet is an electronic engineer and is the editor or our newsletter.

Mike Ochoa HHC/2/22 Mz in Nam 1967

MIkeONowMike and Barbara in 1995
Lon in NamLon Oakley in Nam Lon at wallLon at the wall
JerryThenJerry Pierce in Dau Tieng.  His friend Clark Lohman tells me that he is a very tall man.  I am glad you made it back Jerry, you sure made a big target. JerryNowJerry and Terry Pierce now.  Seems that life has been good to them
JerryNamJerry Rudsill standing next to a burning track. TuxJerry and Renee.  They dress like this everyday.
MikeP MikeNow

Mike Pounds put himself back in the past cybernetically.  You can see why the straight legs were jealous of  us and the stuff we carried.


Mario Salazar HHC/2/22 Mz in Nam 1967

IreneMarioIrene (the pretty one) has been married to the hunk to her right for 30+ years (she should get a presidential citation for valor).  Mario smiles because he knows he has been extremely lucky and has it "real good."

   Got this from Paul Engle. The guy on the left is Tom Firtl, center is Paul Engle, the right is me. Engle got the Silver Star, and I think Firtl did also, but I am not sure. Engle and Firtl were in B Co. 2/22 Weapons Plt.
and Boat Origionals. The picture must have been graduating from basic, but it looks like a jet engine between us, but we have no patches on, so I am
not sure of the time the picture was taken.   Just thought I would share the