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Published 13 Aug 67  - Regards 1 Aug 67 switch of Brigades

4th, 25th Divisions Switch Brigades

SAIGON—The 3rd brigades of the 4th Infantry Division and the 25th Infantry Division have officially switched shoulder patches and unit designations in accordance to a recent order issued by U.S. Army Pacific as announced by U.S. Army Vietnam.

The formal transfer of colors took place last Friday at Duc Pho as the 3rd Brigade, 25th Division ceremoniously became a brigade of the Ivy Division. At almost the same time the 4th Division’s 3rd Brigade put on the "Tropic Lightning" patch of the 25th.

The dislocation of the two brigades from their parent divisions came about as a result of the phased deployment of Army forces to Vietnam and was influenced by the tactical situation at the time.

When the 25th Division was sent to Vietnam, its 3rd Brigade was assigned an area of responsibility around Pleiku — some 200 miles north of the division headquarters and the other two brigades.

Separated During Deployment

The Ivy Division deployed to Vietnam a few months later. Its tactical area of responsibility was also in the Pleiku area.

With the 25th’s 3rd Brigade already there, the Ivy Division’s 3rd Brigade was detached at sea and put under the operational control of the 25th Division, to bring the division back to three brigade strength.

Both brigades have fought in areas mainly separated from their original parent divisions most of the time. According to USARV the move is expected to establish geographical as well as unit integrity.

Transferred In Place

Maneuver battalions and brigade artillery battalions were transferred In place from one division to the other while retaining their battalion and regimental affiliations.

The Ivy Division’s new 3rd Brigade, the "Bronco" brigade, will continue operations with Task Force Oregon in the vicinity of Duc Pho.

The change brings the following units to the 4th Division: 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry; 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry; 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry; 2nd Battalion, 9th Artillery; 1st Battalion, 69th Armor.

The Ivy Division lost the following units in the switch: 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry; 3rd Battalion, 12th infantry; 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry; 2nd Battalion, 77th Artillery.

Colonel George E Wear is the commander of the Ivy Division’s new "Bronco" brigade.

The change, which has been anticipated since late last fall, alleviates certain administrative problems which existed when the units were geographically dislocated from their parent divisions.