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History (During The Vietnam War)

The Triple Deuce (2nd Bn 22nd Infantry, Mechanized) trained in Fort Lewis, Washington, as part of the 3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, during 1966.  It was mobilized to Vietnam in September 1966. In August of 1967 Triple Deuce was reassigned (see Article) to the 25th Infantry Division , 3rd Brigade.

The Battalion took part in "Operation Attleboro" and went on to take part in one of the most fiercely contested engagements of the Vietnam conflict. The Battalion received the Presidential Unit Citation for the Battle Of Suoi Tre (March 21, 1967), one of the largest single day engagements of the war with over 647 VC/NVA dead left on the battlefield.

The Regiment's last mission in Vietnam was an attack on enemy sanctuaries in Cambodia to root out NVA insurgents. During the Vietnam War, the 22nd Infantry earned eleven campaign streamers, one Presidential Unit Citation , and one member of the regiment earned the medal of Honor (Lt. John Warren, Jr., see button above).

Other units in the 3rd Brigade were the 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry (2/12) and the 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry (3/22).  Another unit in the 22nd Infantry Regiment that served in Nam, but not in the immediate area of the 3rd Brigade was the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry (1/22).  The first permanent base for the Third Brigade in Nam was in the village of Dau Tieng.  One of our comrades from the 2/12 has posted a site that has this location as one of the main themes.  The 22nd Infantry Regiment Society, which included the first, second and third battalions and any veteran who ever served in one of them at at any time, holds its reunions at the same time and place as The Vietnam Triple Deuce, every 18 months. See photos of these reunions on the Reunion Photos Page.

Nam vets started looking for each other, to share some of these most intense experiences.  The Vietnam Triple Deuce, Inc. was created to fulfill this yearning.

The articles of incorporation for the Vietnam Triple Deuce, Inc. simply state under its purpose:

"To assist its members and their families in times of distress and to provide them mutual understanding and support; and to participate in and support veteran's functions and programs."

This is our only purpose. To help in providing a feelings of healing, closure and relief as you communicate again with your Brothers in Arms from so long ago and share common experiences. Welcome home brother.

Another reason for creating this web site, is to collect the history of the times 40 years or more ago, and keep them as a testament to our history and proof of the cost of war. 

For additional history on the Triple deuce see the following websites: 

Department of the Army, Lineage and Honors 2d BATTALION, 22d INFANTRY REGIMENT

History of the 22nd Infantry, 1866-1922, 184 Page Book in PDF format, large download.

22nd Infantry Regiment Contacts

As a fighting unit, the 22nd Infantry no longer exists. However, we maintain the traditions of the Regiment via the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society. This is officially recognized by the Army in Army Regulation 870-21, dated 13 April, 2017.

22nd Infantry Regiment Society Home Page, View and Join
List of contacts for the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society
Army Regulation 870-21

The following list of Commanders were responsible for leading us at the Battalion level in Vietnam:

Lt. Col. Richard W. Clark, October 1966-February 1967;
Lt. Col. Ralph W. Julian, February-September 1967;
Lt. Col. Awbrey G. Norris, September 1967-February 1968;
Lt. Col. King J. Coffman, February-August 1968;
Lt. Col. James A. Damon, August-December 1968;
Lt. Col. Ralph M. Cline, Jr., December 1968-May 1969;
Lt. Col. John C. Eitel, May-August 1969;
Lt. Col. Bruce F. Williams, August-November 1969;
Lt. Col. John R. Parker, November 1969 May 1970;
Lt. Col. Nathan C. Vail, May-November 1970.