Triple Deuce General Album Photo Publishing Instructions

Contact Steve Irvine ( if you have any questions

You cannot directly post your pictures or albums to the Triple Deuce Website. We have set up a process however to have them posted and not require you to have any special software or knowledge about webpublishing. Here are some directions:

1. Each General Album submission can hold up 1 to 5 Pictures.
2. Scan photos into your computer and store them as ".jpg" files.
(Services like Kinkos offer this ability).
3. When you scan them, use at least 200 x 200, with 300 x 300 dot per inch setting being better.
4. The pictures typically come out with odd names like "pic0001.jpg" or similar useless name.
5. Change the useless name to a short descriptive title, less that 150 characters total. (This new name will become the Picture title)

....For example change "pic00012.jpg" to "FSB Burt,1968 as we were building it.jpg"
....There is a limit of about 150 characters for this "New Name"

6. Now, many pictures are complete with the short description, however we can now accept much longer descriptions for any picture. To add more text, include a note with your pictures. List the "New Name" of your picture as built in steps 4 and 5, then provide the additional text next to the name. Additional text can be a full page long!!.
7. Zip up the files and send them to