Photos from 10-24-2003

Mostly from the Spurs game

    Peter Holt, one of our hosts, owns the San Antonio Spurs and invited us to a fantastic evening out.  Busses picked us up at the hotel, drove us to the stadium and an evening to remember followed.  Here are some of the photos before the game, on the way there and during.

This was the first reunion for Dennis Zollo.  I think he had the best time of all.  Dennis is here after resting a couple of hours and ready to go to the Spurs game.

Dennis wanted to come to the reunion so badly that he took a bus from San Francisco that lasted 30 hours.  He is going to KC in 2005, but he noted, he will be flying...

A lot of us met with Dennis and had a chance to talk to him.  I will never forget his optimism, joy of life and true affection for his Triple Deuce brothers.  Dennis wishes he had met more Delta Company veterans, as only 3, not counting him, showed up.  Mayor Al Fennel, who was Dennis' commanding officer was at the reunion and a number of us had a chance of enjoying his company.

Dennis passed away on March 31, 2005.  He was all ready to come to the Reunion in KC.  We will miss you..  To follow is his son's response to our messages of condolences.

Mr. Clark Lohmann and Mr. Fahel (Pres 22nd Inf Reg)

First off I want to thank you for you letters. I like to know there were people that cared for my

 father Dennis. As sick as he was, and as confused as he may have been emotionally, he

 always loved being around you guys. That kept him going as long as it did. I appreciate you SOLDIERS looking out for him

 and each other. You men fought for the right to  love and appreciate each other. Never let that go. It is what makes the

 American Soldier and this entire country unique.  As a  Captain, I get saluted each day due to rank purposes.   But in honor I

 salute you and all your brothers.   

On behalf of my entire family, thank you...ALL!!!

Captain Louis Zollo (Dennis' Son)



Jim, who was everywhere, is shown here with David at the Spurs game.  Jim is wearing his "Order of the Red Ant" decoration.  He is pretty good for an officer...

Note the fact that David is doing a trick only seen before in the Exorcist....

Frosty appears to have his head on straight, although it is early in the evening.
I confirm what Skip told you. It is Joe Dietz, 3rd Heard, C/2-22, Original.
Merry Christmas & A Great New Year to You and Yours,



I am not going to argue with someone with so much metal in his body....

It is dark outside, people seem rather introspective...., I guess this the trip back to the hotel.  The night is young and the hospitality suite was open 24 hours.
This was the in-modest dessert cart at the game.  I don't know how some people had enough room for dessert...
Some had other priorities....  Marcus appears to be thinking, what is all the commotion?