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The Order of the Red Ant is a medal that Triple Deucers give to each other for all the unrewarded "Deeds, Not Words" that the recipient performed while in service with the Triple Deuce in Vietnam, or service given to the Vietnam Triple Deuce, Inc., society itself.

The red ribbon stands for the blood and pain we shared together. The gold of the medal represents the value that we place in each other, and the Queen Red Ant represents the miserable conditions that we shared together.

The ORA, the nickname of the award, is awarded after the recipient has told his story about being bitten by these vile creatures, which have a sting about 1/3 as painful as a bee sting, but one is never bitten by just one red ant—usually the encounter is with a couple of dozen, to a couple hundred at once. Many Triple Deucers have stripped naked in combat to get the ants off of them, not caring if the enemy was shooting at them or not. They make big balls out of leaves that hang from trees. Inside these balls are thousands of the little devils. When our vehicles would crash through the jungle, the balls would drop on us, breaking open, and, well, you get the idea. Some soldiers would grab a branch with these balls of ants on them and pull the branch back until the vehicle behind them was in range, then let the branch go, smacking their buddies with ant balls. This is called the "branch slap move". What followed after are words called profanity.

Lynn Dalpez, D.M.O.R., and current President of the Vietnam Triple Deuce created the concept, and designed the medal. He had a great deal of help from Garry Hartt, Jim May, and Mad Doc Matz, as well as other Triple Deucers who helped to tweak the award to what it is today. The three of them got the medal produced in time for the 2003 San Antonio Reunion and many awards have been made since.

Order of the Red Ant


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